Who are we?

We are a small team of passionate people.

Samuel is studying Games Engineering and Information Technology in his free time. The majority of his time he is developing Meiro as his full time job.
Together with Lucy he started developing Meiro because he wanted to see a new twist on survival games. He is a passionate gamer and 3D-Printing Nerd. He always tries to repair everything and loves apple-pie!

Samuel MvK
CEO, Developer, 3D Artist

Luciano a.k.a. "Lucy" is a passionate programmer and working full-time on the project Meiro. Together with Samuel he started the project because he has been fascinated by game-development ever since he started programming.
When he is not working on Meiro, he is probably fixing computer problems that wouldn't exist if he wasn't so curious.
Apple-pie is ok but Lucy prefers the "Raspberry Pi".

Luciano Willems
Partner, Developer

Sarah has been working in the games industry since 2010. She has always had a passion for gaming, ever since her father picked up an Apple II+ back in 1979. She will play almost any game (no sports), but really enjoys RPGs and space simulations. If the AI doesn’t feel real or threatening, she isn’t happy with it. Have you been bitten by a crawler? You’re welcome!

Sarah Johnson-Bliss
AI Specialist, Sound engineer, Developer

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