Character Artist

Freelancer Wanted

We are looking for a (Freelancer) Character Artist to work with us on our current project. MythByte is currently looking for a Character Artist to provide concepts, models, rigging and animations.

To join our team you should...
    - be able to create low poly artstyle
    - know how to use modern game development software such as Unreal Engine 4
    - have experience with character design
    - work on first and third person gameplay
    - speak english

You will be responsible for...
    - creating concepts for new enmies, futuristic masks and equipment
    - bringing your concepts to reality with modeling rigging and animations
    - first and third player models, rigging and animations
    - implementing your creations in UE4

About our current project Meiro
Meiro is a first person multiplayer survival game in low poly. The environment is a huge futuristic maze-like structure filled with laboratories and cyborg enemies. The player on the other hand is part of a medieval society within the save center of the maze. Due to highly toxic air pollution, the players all have to wear futuristic masks to purify the air. This means the players face is never shown and they customize their characters via such masks.
The survival game aspects include harvesting, mining, building and fighting which all require first and third person animations due to the multiplayer aspect.

It is imporant for us that...
You have fun while being creative. It is our priority to give each developer on the project as much creative freedom as possible.


Are you interested in working together with us on the project Meiro?
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