Meiro: A Quick Introduction

Meiro takes place in a far future. The players have to face threats and need to think fast to survive the living horrors of the deadly maze.

Meiro is a survival game set in the far future, combining RPG elements, exploration, and horror into a unique story and supports single player, coop and player vs player. The player finds themselves in a safe haven filled with resources that enable them to craft. At the edge of said haven stands an intimidating wall, trapping the player. Upon further inspection, the player can see two airlocks in the wall leading to a vast maze. The world of the maze is filled with enemies and traps the player must combat or avoid. Scattered throughout the maze are clues to how the player ended up in this predicament, as well as ancient blueprints that the player can utilize to further arm themselves and ultimately discover the mystery behind the maze.


Meiro takes place in a unique setting. It bases around the idea that people managed to make explosive strides in science and technology. Somewhere during their discoveries, something went horribly wrong. The player must now survive the world that was created by this disaster. The player must learn to use alien technology to their advantage before they are consumed by it.


Within the maze, there are clues and data scattered that reveal details of the terrible event that ended society. The player must expose the scientific experiments of their ancestors in order to correct their atrocities. However, this knowledge comes with a price. Will the survivor be able to wield this information for good, or will they be corrupted by its power?

Crafting is a key component in Meiro. You might choose to create a cosy hamlet and reminisce of the times before your home was destroyed. Alternatively you may choose to develop a high-powered infrastructure to manufacture weapons, armour, and items that will empower your excursions into the maze. Meiro will have something to offer for both the creative builder as well asthe more adventure-oriented one!


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