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Project Meiro

In this Articel we will give you a fast Introduction for Project Meiro

Meiro takes place in a far Future, the player has to face threads and needs to think fast to survive the living Horror that awaits in a deadly maze.

The Player needs to take care of his substantial needs like water, food and shelter. Besides that he needs to take care of his health since he is wandering through an intelligent self-sustaining maze that's only purpose is to kill. At least that's how it seems.
Pray that this maze has an exit.


Build a base together with your friends you and set up a cozy village where you can find rest after a long day in the maze. Craft furniture to store away object. Craft weapons and objects to store away in your furniture.
Equip yourself to survive the maze!


Are you interested in working for us or together with us on the project Meiro?
Contacting us can never harm you!
I promise we don't bite (Most of the time)


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