Project Meiro

In this Articel we will give you a fast Introduction for Project Meiro

Meiro takes place in a far Future, the player has to face threads and needs to think fast to survive the living Horror that awaits in a deadly maze.

Skill Fluctuation
The skill points are built and fluctuate based on the player’s actions in-game. For example, as they fight monsters, their combat skills will increase up until X skill points are used. If the player then works for a while crafting items, blacksmithing, alchemy, etc., they gain skill points in those craft skills while losing the same number of skill points from their combat skills. Players who diversify will sacrifice advanced skill in all areas, but such diversification may be useful in navigating the maze’s many dangers. People who play with larger groups will find specializing easier to accomplish, but overly specializing will require players to enter the maze together in order to overcome all obstacle. 


Classless Leveling
At game start players will have X amount of skill points. As they explore the maze, and perhaps find secret areas within the habitat (in the mine, the temple, etc.), players will uncover experimental DNA programs. Once downloaded, these programs can be ran to increase a player’s skill point maximum. Currently, the idea is that each discovery will grant the player who downloads them a certain number of DNA programs. That player can then choose to run all of them on themselves, share them with others, or even give all of them to other players. This way of managing “experience” means that adventuring characters who rely on another player (or players) for their crafting needs can and should share these programs with their base camp team, but not overextend themselves without advancing their own character enough. It’s another form of resource management that makes MEIRO a unique experience. 


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