Currently working on Meiro.
A Retro Multiplayer Sci-Fi RPG Survival Game.

Meiro is an exceptional Survival game set in the far future which contains RPG and horror elements as well as a unique and thrilling story that you are about to discover in single player, coop or player vs player mode.

Meiro started out as a fun project between friends. We kept adding to the project until there was something tangible, something that proved the concept could work. For about a year, we've expanded our team and continued to build what on what we believe is a truly unique concept, but we've arrived at a point where further dedication requires support. With our working beta, we show the potential the game has and make our dream a reality.


The beta contains a functional and playable build that serves to show many of the mechanics and the general atmosphere of what we are going for. However, many things are subject to change. For one we intend the habitat and maze to be much bigger than it currently is in the demo version. The full version will have a much more extensive crafting system, both in what can be crafted and what materials can be used.



Kickstarter and Beta

With a free to play Beta on Kickstarter we hope to get enough money together to get Project Meiro to the next Level.
This means we need your support to make it the best game it can possible be.

Developing a full game

A whole new map, that is more than 10 times the size of the Demo map.
New enemies, new weapons, quests and more!
There will be more of everything!

Frequent Updates

We have a lot planned for Project Meiro.
Frequent updates with amazing content, you have my word!


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